Aluminium Scaffolding is an integral part of the majority construction projects and has been used ever since the primary structures were designed. unremarkably required to get access to structures at height during construction, scaffolding will serve many different functions. generally, aluminium scaffolding is used to support workers and their tools, different times they’re required to support significant loads from building materials, like bricks, blocks, stucco, or cast-in-place concrete, that is known as ‘shoring’ rather than ‘scaffolding’.

Even though there are many different types of scaffolding, new variants come out fairly often

· Double Width Aluminium Scaffolding Tower

· Single Width aluminium scaffolding Tower

· Stair Case aluminium scaffolding Tower

· Foldable Aluminium Scaffolding Tower

· Bridge Aluminium Scaffolding Tower

· Aluminum Scaffolding Ladders


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