The Genie Telescope Boom Lift is designed to enhance work efficiency and provide more horizontal illumination than any other type of aerial platform. Suitable for working in areas with limited access, the Genie Telescope Boom provides industry leadership and capability throughout the entire working envelope for incredible functional access.

  • 360˚ continuous rotation turntable for quick fitting
  • Automatic axial position changes for increased terrain and positive traction drive to maintain equal power to all drive wheels
  • Rotate, self-levelling platform with hydraulic platform rotation for easy positioning
  • There are dual fuel (gas or LPG) options for indoor / outdoor use

Telescopic Boom Lift 46 feet Chassis Options

Tow package

Tire Options :

Boom lift : Quadra track system requires 4WD, requires high floating inflatable tires, 4WD, coarse terrain, foam filled tires (water based), coarse terrain, foam filled tires, petroleum based, Unrefined inflatable tires, rough surface, unmarked, foam filled tires (water based), rough surface, unmarked, foam filled tires (petroleum based), tire sealant: only inflated tires

Engine Options

  • 60 hp Ford MSG425, gas/LPG Dual Fuel
  • Cold weather kit:  5W-40 synthetic engine oil, oil pan heater, battery heater
  • hydraulic tank heater and platform control board heater
  • Ford engine gauge package: oil pressure, temperature and voltage

Lift/Turntable Options

  • Specialty hydraulic oil  (60 gal – cold weather, fire resistant, or biodegradable)
  • LPG tank, 33.5 lb. capacity: Ford engine only
  • Hostile environment kit: cylinder bellows, boom wiper seals, platform and ground control box covers
  • Deluxe hostile environment kit: hostile environment kit, center turntable shield, ring gear guard, tail pipe guard, engine cover flaps


  • 6 ft. dual entry or 8 ft. tri entry platform with ½ height mesh inserts and side swing gate
  • 6 ft. dual entry platform with side swing gate

Platform Options

  • AC generator, 110V/60Hz , 110V/50Hz or 220V/50Hz, 3000W, hydraulically driven
  • Air line to platform: ½ in. inner diameter
  • Aircraft protection kit:  platform foam padding and padded disable system
  • Aircraft protection kit: with swing gate
  • Light package: 2 chassis mounted drive lights and 2 platform mounted work lights
  • Lockable platform and ground control box covers
  • Panel cradle package
  • Platform auxiliary top rail
  • Thumb rocker steering
  • Welder – Select Lincoln or Miller
  • Welder ready package: includes hydraulic oil cooler
  • Traveling fall arrest anchor system: requires 6ft platform
  • Traveling fall arrest anchor system: requires 8ft platform

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