Ensure that battery should be fully charged before using an electric-powered boom lift. Check liquid level (fuel, oil, hydraulic oil, etc) before an operation. Check all controls for correct operation before commencing use.


  1. Do not use if battery power is low.
  2. Recharge battery before use.
  3. Top up liquids if levels are low.
  4. First Check top and bottom controls.

Safety Harnesses

All peoples required to use a safety harness must receive instruction and training in their use before they are allowed to use the harness.


  1. Faulty or out-of-date equipment must not be used.
  2. Harnesses must be fitted correctly for safety in use.
  3. Other persons on site must be instructed in rescue procedures.


Check path that machine will be traversing to ensure adequate clearance and that surface will not cause a machine to become unstable when traveling. Ensure that the boom lift is retracted and lowered for traveling. [Articulating Boom lift rental dealer]


  1. Remove obstacles and cover voids, drains, etc.
  2. Check for clearance for a boom.
  3. Always travel at safe speed.

Security of worksite

Use barricades, traffic cones, and signs, etc, to prevent collision of other plant or vehicles working in a vicinity with a boom lift. Isolate and tag out traveling overhead cranes in an area where boom lift used. Prevent access of persons into a vicinity of a machine when a boom is raised. Store machine in a secure area, lower fully and remove key on completion.


  1. Use signs barricades, cones, etc, to protect work area.
  2. Prevent the movement of cranes.
  3. Prevent unauthorized entry.
  4. Prevent unauthorized use.

Electrical hazards

Inspect work area to identify a location of overhead electrical installations. Keep the safe distance from electricity wires unless specifically authorized to access or carry out electrical work. Observe safe clearance distances.


  1. Keep the safe distance from electric catenary wires at all times.
  2. Ensure at least .5m clearance of tools or equipment from LV wires.

Working at heights

Ensure that unit is on the level surface (or is leveled with outriggers if working on uneven surfaces) before raising the boom. Do not over-reach out beyond confines of the cage when working at heights. Do not “rock” unit when the platform is raised.


  1. Ensure that unit is parked on a stable, firm surface before raising.
  2. Parachute type harness only to be worn – belts must not be used.
  3. Do not open gates when elevated.
  4. Avoid sudden or jerky movement.

Maintenance of electric boom lift

Avoid shorting of terminals when maintaining battery packs. Use an approved battery charger set to correct voltage to charge batteries. Don’t change batteries with batteries that weigh less than those originally fitted to machine (used a counterweight, and critical to machine stability).


  1. Remove rings, watches, etc before working on batteries.
  2. Ensure that the total weight of the battery pack is at least approved minimum
  3. Wear eye and hand protection.

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