Less than 100 sec to make a perfect 4″ pipe taper thread. Less than 20 sec for a 1″ pipe threading Machine manufacturer.
– Uni-auto die head for ½ – 2 ” pipe. Dies are compatible with NP50A/NP80A manual die heads and Uni-auto die heads.
– Profiling die head for 2½ – 4″ pipe. Every pipe threading machine original profiling system enables precise, straight tapers, with 20 mm dies
performing at higher speed and requiring less power consumption. 
– Quick, adjustable cutter.
– Quiet, maintenance-free condenser motor.
– Built-in tool box is convenient for on-site work.
– Large-capacity scrap catcher.
– Threading size, thread length, and micro fine adjustment of thread diameter can all be adjusted easily.
– Compact and lightweight for its class (123kg), it can be set up by just two people.
– NV-auto and Manual die heads can be mounted as options

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