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Professional Service, Supplying and Delivering the entire scaffold required for scaffolding any project


Supply New & Used Scaffolding, Cup lock scaffolding, Tube clamps and other related Scaffolding Equipment. We provide a professional service, supplying and delivering the entire scaffold required for scaffolding any project, from builder to self build and trade contracts.

Our quality aluminium scaffolding includes a variety of sizes and prices. Quick Access India scaffolding aims to continuously offer outstanding customer service.

India’s largest, privately owned aluminium scaffolding companies. we are specialize in wide range of powered access platform hire as we believe that access platforms are the safest way to work at height.

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Aluminium Scaffolding Works in civil electrical mechanical interior all industrial works


The aluminium scaffolding tower is a combination of ladder and work platform. Unlike a ladder, the scaffolding allows any person or persons to perform the overhead tasks of civil / electrical / mechanical / interior decoration stiffness and all the normal features of the plant and routine maintenance of machinery. Scaffolding is available in a variety of designs to fit the required heights and platforms measuring 700 x 600 mm (single person), 700 x 1000 mm, 700 x 2000 mm, 1400 x 2000 mm (more than one person).

The Scaffolding components are basically Head Aluminium Alloy Frames are connected with quick release snap braces horizontally and diagonally to give required strength and stability. Scaffolding are manufactured in 1.5 M, 3M, 6M, 8M, 12M & 18M heights.

Quick Access Aluminum Scaffolding Mobile Tower is one of the leading manufacturing and leading manufacturing companies in India. Aluminium scaffolding is dedicated to delivering valuable and reliable products to our customers, as well as we will not compromise on the safety and durability of the product.

Our product is well based as we use pure and strong aluminium for scaffolding manufacturer. We incorporated the climbing into our aluminium scaffolding tower so that the workers would be able to work at the engineering height of the sandpit with ease and comfort. The folding with the ladder makes the scaffolding tower easy to assemble and remove. Because it can be used in small spaces.

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Genie Z 62/40 boom lift – Offering excellent maneuverability


The Genie Z-62/40 Boom Lift offers lifting versatility with a combination of “up-out-over” fitting and exit capabilities. Providing excellent maneuverability, Fast Mast Boom System, which allows the platform to go down from full height to standard, zero tail swing, and this machine is especially well suited for you to travel smoothly on uneven ground.

The Genie Z-62/40 Boom Lift offers impressive horizontal range, top and top reach and zero tail swing for tight terrain performance on rough terrain. The Genie Boom lift system quickly gets workers to the maximum height from the ground. This will also reduce the service time with easy access engine and hydraulics.

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Hyundai Forklift Material Handling Equipment Used In Industrial Area


A forklift or lift truck is used to quickly and easily move goods trays into the warehouse, unloading and unloading items from transport trailers or rail cars. Depending on the model, they can hang trays of materials between 20′-40 ‘ and be placed in storage racks at these heights. Some are designed to lift 2 plates in proximity to achieve higher performance (I saw sideways in a bottle factory where stacking bottles of bottles is unpleasant because fewer bottles are crushed by excess weight).

There are also forklifts designed for construction sites called Zoom Booms. These are usually built with 4×4 drive lines and feature a cage-protected cockpit for the driver, with an offset telescopic boom arm, lifting fork and fitted to the end. These allow for faster loading of material transport, and in addition to the rapid movement of space around a work site where needed. Telescopic boom allows the plates to easily move to the second or third stories of a building under construction, opening a tray at ground level, manually transporting the product to the second or third floor area and reducing labor costs associated with it.

Another use for lift trucks and zoom boom is to lift personnel to perform tasks at unsafe heights to access the ladder, although this requires a special platform with similar hard points to attach the lanyard elements of the rails or fall channel. This use is different because scissors or boom lift is considered safe and thus preferred and mandated in some regions, lift truck sites are prohibited. Generally over 30, a man’s basket requires a lifting crane.

Forklift – Material Handling Equipment Work In Different Area

Forklift is a running truck that is designed to carry, lift or stack items. It is a heavy-duty vehicle, fitted with a fork or front.

They can be powered either by 1) and electric battery Forklift, or 2) an internal combustion engine.

These Forklift must only be operated by someone who has a license; that is, someone who is trained to control this equipment.

Construction – In this situation, they are used to carrying heavy objects or loads horizontally or vertically. Their ability to lift high loads unhindered to high heights makes them ideal for building construction. They can be used on flat terrain (as long as conservation measures are in place) and over long distances.

Forklift Work In WarehousesForklifts are also essential in warehouse operations. They can be used to stack small and large objects in areas that are not easily accessible by humans. Forklifts can also be used to carry larger and heavier equipment in addition to carrying supplies.

Forklift Works Ship Dock or PortsMaterial Handling Equipment also play an important role in docks where they are used to unloading and unload ships. They carry cargo from trucks to storage areas.

Forklift work in Transportation – This may be amazing, but forklift trucks can be used to transport people. They are used as an alternative to airborne lifts and cranes for people, especially when these people have to perform a variety of tasks: stock inventory, maintenance objectives, and cleaning inaccessible areas. However, there are specific safety procedures that you should always consider when carrying people.

Recycling Yards – Forklift ( Material handling Equipment ) can be used to transport recycled materials to their designated sorting bays. These recycling yards require heavy-duty trucks that can easily traverse rough surfaces, all while carrying significant loads — all these conditions make the forklift an ideal vehicle for performing these tasks.

Moving Product Stored Indoors Work

This is the most common use of forklift. They are commonly used in indoor warehouses and distribution centers. Forklift operators usually start their day by unloading new products from the Forklift that ship them. The distribution centers will send Forklift to the stores with the latest product. In these indoor environments, it is common to see forklift operators stacking boxes or crates. Most forklifts can be used indoors, and some have special forklift attachments for small aisles and high lifts.

Forklift Work In Outdoor

These outdoor facilities can be shipping ports, outdoor garden centers, lumber yards, litter yards, construction sites, or any business that has external storage. This forklift has special tires and are designed to lift items in an outdoor position. These situations require forklift to lift ships into shipping containers, dispose of waste, or move heavy goods to higher storage.

Types Of Material handling Equipment (ForkLift)

To keep it simple, these are the primary types of Forklifts.

Simple These Above machine Called as Warehousing Equipment

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Website : www.quickaccess.co.in

Prefer Aluminium Scaffolding is more comfort journey in industrial and height work


Aluminium Scaffolding is a provisional structure that’s used to support workers who are making modifications or repairs to the exterior of a building or another tall surface. Aluminium Scaffolding can be manufactured from heavy strong aluminium pipe. Well, each aluminium scaffold material will have its own advantages; nonetheless, when you want to buy new aluminium scaffolding, always make it a point to do your research well to know what material choices are available for scaffolding and how would it benefit your project.



Our Aluminium scaffolding is stable and secure and it has adequate diameter and efficacy to get ideal stability. This type of aluminium scaffolding has strengthened connections and is known for bearing considerably more weight than it usually supports during the regular use. Easy to mantling And dismantling.


Aluminium Scaffolding is light in weight and it’s definitely lighter than all other options available. It more comfort to portable. Before your workers can start working on a new project, the scaffolding has to be erected around the building that’s being renovated, painted or repaired, elevation, height works. If your workers have to erect and pull down scaffolding frequently to complete smaller jobs at different places, then aluminium scaffolding will be perfect making it a fantastic choice.

When shifting between industrial, complex, shopping mall, Terex work, construction sites, it’s imperative to find a material that is light in weight and easily portability . Furthermore, aluminium scaffolding service effortless set up/ erection as compared to other heavier scaffolding materials that is more strenuous to install and require more time.


Aluminium scaffolding is usually a more viable option than wood or steel scaffolding. Besides the material type such as the scaffolding manufacturer and size, many other elements can affect scaffolding price. Nonetheless, if you compare similar products, then aluminium scaffolding will be a more viable alternative. If you want to buy aluminium scaffolding to use your project. Please enquiry me our senior site engineer visit our working place then decided the height and model.  Our staff fully covered the sales and rental of aluminium scaffolding may be the ideal choice for your project.


When it comes to maintenance, aluminium scaffolds require very less of maintenance. Whereas steel needs extra care to protect it from corrosion/ rust, particularly, in highly humid areas and wood scaffolding requires the utmost maintenance. The wood requires to be appropriately maintained or it can start to tear and deform. On the other hand, aluminium neither deforms nor oxidizes and lowers the amount of maintenance it requires. Aluminium scaffolding may be right for you if you don’t desire to maintain the scaffolding or lack adequate time to maintain it.


Aluminium scaffold towers are essential components required in the construction industry, also known as tower aluminium scaffolds. The demand and popularity of aluminium scaffold towers are on the rise due to their adaptability, flexibility and mobility.


It’s imperative to know the benefits of each type of scaffolding system so that you will be able to choose the type that best meets your company’s requirements. This will assist to make sure you’re satisfied with the aluminium scaffolding product that you purchase. If you need further assistance and details or want to buy aluminium scaffold for sale or rental, then right away get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Forklift safety and ease of operation of material loading and unloading.


The Electric Forklifts are powerful and energy efficient trucks with advanced AC technology suitable for both indoor and outdoor application. In our endeavor to provide lasting material handling solutions, Hyundai have ingenuously designed and developed forklift trucks that go a long way in enhancing productivity on the shop floor while ensuring safe handling of loads. We counterbalance electric forklifts ensure high return on investment and prevents product and pallet damage by ensuring proper handling.

Hyundai presents a range of tough, compact and powerful forklifts to meet all your material handling needs. Equipped with the powerful, Tier 3-certified KUBOTA engine, these forklifts are built to handle heavier loads while offering superior efficiency. Ergonomically designed, the 7E forklift series offers optimum maneuverability, safety and ease of operation.

The Range of four wheel electric counter balanced trucks is suitable for a variety of operations, including loading and unloading goods, line feeding, stacking, order picking and horizontal transport. With a choice of load capacities ranging from 1.5 to 3 tonnes, Quickaccess electric forklifts offer high performance and increased through-puts. Forklifts are equipped with unique features to enhance driver safety, comfort, productivity and functionality.

For More : http://quickaccess.co.in/material-handling-equipment-forklift-sales-rental.html

Fork lift Used In Construction Environment


Industrial forklifts are very useful on construction sites, as they can be used to transport heavy building materials over fairly long distances, across rough terrain. They combine the functions of a vehicle and a lifting tool. Forklifts can unload pallets of bricks, steel girders and other construction products from the delivery truck and carry them to parts of the construction site that are not accessible to other vehicles.

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Forklift hydraulics control hydraulic valves directly by levers or power actuated actuators, using small “finger” levers for control. The latter allows forklift designers more freedom in ergonomic design.

Forklift trucks are available in many variations and load capabilities. In a typical warehouse system, most forklifts have a load capacity of one to five tons. Large engines with a lifting capacity of up to 50 tons are used to lift heavy loads, including loaded container containers.

Safety while using Boom Lift


Ensure that battery should be fully charged before using an electric-powered boom lift. Check liquid level (fuel, oil, hydraulic oil, etc) before an operation. Check all controls for correct operation before commencing use.


  1. Do not use if battery power is low.
  2. Recharge battery before use.
  3. Top up liquids if levels are low.
  4. First Check top and bottom controls.

Safety Harnesses

All peoples required to use a safety harness must receive instruction and training in their use before they are allowed to use the harness.


  1. Faulty or out-of-date equipment must not be used.
  2. Harnesses must be fitted correctly for safety in use.
  3. Other persons on site must be instructed in rescue procedures.


Check path that machine will be traversing to ensure adequate clearance and that surface will not cause a machine to become unstable when traveling. Ensure that the boom lift is retracted and lowered for traveling. [Articulating Boom lift rental dealer]


  1. Remove obstacles and cover voids, drains, etc.
  2. Check for clearance for a boom.
  3. Always travel at safe speed.

Security of worksite

Use barricades, traffic cones, and signs, etc, to prevent collision of other plant or vehicles working in a vicinity with a boom lift. Isolate and tag out traveling overhead cranes in an area where boom lift used. Prevent access of persons into a vicinity of a machine when a boom is raised. Store machine in a secure area, lower fully and remove key on completion.


  1. Use signs barricades, cones, etc, to protect work area.
  2. Prevent the movement of cranes.
  3. Prevent unauthorized entry.
  4. Prevent unauthorized use.

Electrical hazards

Inspect work area to identify a location of overhead electrical installations. Keep the safe distance from electricity wires unless specifically authorized to access or carry out electrical work. Observe safe clearance distances.


  1. Keep the safe distance from electric catenary wires at all times.
  2. Ensure at least .5m clearance of tools or equipment from LV wires.

Working at heights

Ensure that unit is on the level surface (or is leveled with outriggers if working on uneven surfaces) before raising the boom. Do not over-reach out beyond confines of the cage when working at heights. Do not “rock” unit when the platform is raised.


  1. Ensure that unit is parked on a stable, firm surface before raising.
  2. Parachute type harness only to be worn – belts must not be used.
  3. Do not open gates when elevated.
  4. Avoid sudden or jerky movement.

Maintenance of electric boom lift

Avoid shorting of terminals when maintaining battery packs. Use an approved battery charger set to correct voltage to charge batteries. Don’t change batteries with batteries that weigh less than those originally fitted to machine (used a counterweight, and critical to machine stability).


  1. Remove rings, watches, etc before working on batteries.
  2. Ensure that the total weight of the battery pack is at least approved minimum
  3. Wear eye and hand protection.

For More details Quick Access India Private Limited

Heavy Aluminium Alloy Material Manufacturer Of Ladder Industrial Purpose


Producer and supplier of a high quality of Aluminum Ladders in Chennai and Lifts. Aside from this, instrumental in giving new scaffold Scales we manufacturing and sales. Our professionals strive hard to offer these lifts at cost-effective prices inside the set time span.

Folding Ladders

A Type Industrial Ladders offered offer help for very usable step positions and come developed utilizing airplane aluminum metal alloy and additionally exactness locking pivot bolster to coordinate to the requests of the clients. These are intended to effectively address most regular stepping stool needs of any client.

Aluminum Tiltable Tower Ladder

we are occupied with offering a subjective scope of Aluminum Tiltable Tower Ladder. Offered ladders stools are produced utilizing fine-quality material and advanced equipment.

Folding Ladders

we are occupied with offering a subjective scope of Aluminum Tiltable Tower Ladder. Offered ladders stools are produced utilizing fine-quality material and advanced equipment.

Trolley Step Ladder

we are occupied with offering a subjective scope of Trolley Step Ladder. Offered ladders are fabricated utilizing fine-quality material and propelled gear.

Painters Ladders

we are occupied with offering a subjective scope of Painters Ladders. Offered ladders are made utilizing fine-quality material and advanced equipment. Being a quality-arranged substance, we ensure our customers that these ladders are the finest in quality.

For More Details Quick Access India

Aluminium Scaffolding Tower Is Easy To Use And Dismantle Different Job Site


Qualified scaffolds to quickly erect your aluminium scaffolds, we have a tendency treatable to make sure the highest standards of safety and quality each single time. With thirty years of scaffolding industry experience to draw upon, we are able to with confidence tackle any scaffolding job no matter however large or small it’s going to be.

Aluminium scaffolds offer the perfect solution for a various vary of applications from home repairs and large construction projects to events management and engineering work. Our in-house scaffolding team can quickly and safely deliver, erect, and dismantle the right aluminium scaffolding for your requirements.

Aluminium scaffolds to suit your project is that the key to reducing each operator hours and therefore the prices that go along with them. From long and short-term rent to outright purchase, we are able to suggest the fore most cost-effective possibility for your project.

Aluminium scaffolding Tower is that the most helpful for activities involving frequent reaction/dismantling and transport the material to totally different job sites. Minimum 2 Persons are needed to assemble & dismantle the single width aluminium scaffolding Tower.

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