The Electric Forklifts are powerful and energy efficient trucks with advanced AC technology suitable for both indoor and outdoor application. In our endeavor to provide lasting material handling solutions, Hyundai have ingenuously designed and developed forklift trucks that go a long way in enhancing productivity on the shop floor while ensuring safe handling of loads. We counterbalance electric forklifts ensure high return on investment and prevents product and pallet damage by ensuring proper handling.

Hyundai presents a range of tough, compact and powerful forklifts to meet all your material handling needs. Equipped with the powerful, Tier 3-certified KUBOTA engine, these forklifts are built to handle heavier loads while offering superior efficiency. Ergonomically designed, the 7E forklift series offers optimum maneuverability, safety and ease of operation.

The Range of four wheel electric counter balanced trucks is suitable for a variety of operations, including loading and unloading goods, line feeding, stacking, order picking and horizontal transport. With a choice of load capacities ranging from 1.5 to 3 tonnes, Quickaccess electric forklifts offer high performance and increased through-puts. Forklifts are equipped with unique features to enhance driver safety, comfort, productivity and functionality.

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