Boom Lift Rental In Delhi

Trailing Cherry Picker is one of the most ideal aerial lift platforms for both indoors and outdoors maintenance work. It can rotate 360degree in the air and platform height is from 6m to 16m.

It can be used in tight space because of its company structure. It is very easy and convenient to be trailed by car or tractor anywhere. It is widely used in neighborhood unit, road light maintenance, factories high place maintenance, construction site and so on. Towable Boom Lift is famous for its wide working range.

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First, it can be towed by tractor, truck or car for long distance.
Second, it is bending arm, towable boom lift can reach not only vertical high places but also horizontal distance.
Third, towable boom lift is equipped with automatic turntable plate which can rotate the arm 360°.
All these characteristics make sure the wide working range. Four high strength hydraulic automatic support legs will jack up the whole body of towable boom lift when working, which will guarantee the great stability of the whole machine. Considering the four high strength support legs, it has a nickname called “Spider Boom Lift”.

Trailer Mounted Boom Lift provides a convenient, easy and reliable access to the height you want to reach; it can easily lift the person and tools with the max capacity 200kg. It is very popular solution for aerial work, so this product has very good market.


This boom lift is made by high strength steel with light weight and good quality. The compact size is convenient to be trailered by cars.
Pull by man force. It is light weight make man pulling and pushing are possible, the ground should be smooth. Compact size, save your space when stowed.


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