Trailered by the pickup: This boom lift is made by high strength steel with light weight and good quality. The compact size is convenient to be trailered by cars.
Pull by man force. Its light weight makes man pulling and pushing ispossible, the ground should be smooth, compact size, save your space when stowed.
Trailer Boom Lift lifting up and down force

AC power plug in, its voltage will be made as your local voltage.
No noise and air pollution
It is very convenient with AC you can use it to lifting up or lifting down in a fast speed
Battery Powered / DC powered: No noise and air pollution. When it is used outdoors, you can use it without electrical wire.
Diesel power: once you have diesel you can use it always.
Diesel power +DC battery: When diesel is run out off, you can use DC or vice versa. This trailer boom lift is used for DC diesel power trailer boom lift
Working cage Features

Horizontal moving is otherwise called jib rotation. The working cage could rotate about 82 degree at the same height you can turn left or turn right as per your requirements.
In Vertical moving the work cage could be lifting up or lifting down.
In working cage control panel takes more convenience when operating the lift.

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The trailer boom lift is specifically designed to give maximum reach performance from the most compact chassis possible. By utilizing its versatile telescopic upper boom, the handy trailer boom lift mounted delivers working outreach, especially at lower levels where it’s needed most.

Hydraulic operated Outriggers make setting up the hoity lift trailer mount both quick and easy. Telescopic axles coupled with a very compact base make the hoity trailer boom lift mounted one of the most compact and manoeuvrable trailer mounts available.


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