Boom Lift Rental dealer and supplier of industrial work and maintenance process. some of the Aerial boom lift truck, Basket crane trunk, Overhead working trunk, Hydraulic beam litter, bucket truck, truck mounted aerial lift vehicle, man lift truck, etc.,is ideal for maintenance of traffic lights, street lights, landscaping trees, cleaning/setting signboard and other high aerial works.
Aerial Workl platform are available of 6m-26m. Insulated cage is optional.

Boom Lift Features

The Boom lift ensures perfect driving performance.

Engine is super powerful work with noise less, reliable performance, no overhaul within 100,000km

Working mode can be made of power structure or reinforced fiberglass.

Working cage can rotate 90 degree in left and right.

4 pcs outriggers and front support improve operation stability and safety.

Safety devices are available such as relief valves, balance valves, double way hydraulic locks and motor emergency system etc…

Wireless remote control system is available.

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