With industry-leading dual lifting capacity for some major heavy industrial work are using telescopic booms are engineered to work in more applications that require higher capacities. The smooth operating envelope, this new extra capacity boom lift is a perfect fit for your customers heavy lifting in Commercial, construction, bridge inspections and maintenance, gas and oil refineries, industrial, Telecommunications and utility applications.

Overview of Boom Lift Dual Capacity

This boom lift have load sense technology for accurate load weighing and zero-load field calibration, Automatic envelope control enables boom to retract when it reaches its operating envelope, Chassis tilt sensor technology maximizes operators ability to access hard-to-reach work areas, Robust jib is capable of easily handling increased maximum capacity, CAN-bus control system with onboard diagnostics maximizes serviceability,Design focus on user interface and simplicity makes this machine easy-to-use, Can be equipped with the new Genie Lift Power generator system, Commonality in design and parts with other reputed parts.

Boom Lift Turntable Options Are

The Boom Lift Specialty hydraulic oil (60 gal – cold weather, fire resistant, or biodegradable)

LPG tank, 33.5 lb. capacity: Ford engine only

Second battery

Hostile environment kit: cylinder bellows, boom wiper seals, platform and ground control box covers

Deluxe hostile environment kit: hostile environment kit, ring gear guard, cable track hose cover, air pre-cleaner


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