Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding Double Width Stairway Tower is ideal for safe entrance from inside to access to the top of Aluminium Scaffolding Tower. This provides the customer more safety & ease to get access to the top platform.

Aluminium Scaffolding Double Width tower are most common size used by all the customers easy to use. The Double width allow the 2-3 people work on the working platform. The double width tower allow the user to work to higher heights than the single width tower.

Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding Single Width Foldable Tower Ascend offer a single width folding tower which is particularly suited to work indoors. It has a base measurement of 0.80Mtrs x 1.80Mtrs. This Scaffolding Tower has Integral stairway and handrail system is ideal for frequent ascend and descend inside the tower which is more safe & easy.

Aluminium Scaffolding offered comes in durable construction finish and can be made available in different finish configuration options to pick from. Providing for lasting services, these aluminium scaffolding rental choice bear sturdy finish and comes developed using superior grade aluminium metal so as to provide for lasting usage.

Some of its features include comes with suitable surface treatment support including hot-dip galvanizing; can also be customized to meet customer’s specifications and requirements. Further, we are providing the high quality tower to esteemed patrons in varied height, weight and platform based dimensions at a leading price.

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