Quick Access India Pvt Ltd sales and service aluminium scaffolding for Multi-purpose and lightweight, scaffolds can be used as an static or mobile access towers. aluminium scaffolding, and other limitless applications are used.The aluminium scaffolds can reach up to a height of 16m with good service in india.

The aluminium scaffolds are approved to ISO Standard and the towers are manufactured to ISO standards.


Step ladder inbuilt to maked it.

Colour-coded cross braces for easy identification

Ribbed tube on horizontal rungs (non-slip)

Solid case splined spigot, profile enables easy fit operation

Rubber swivelling base on stabilisers (secure ground contact)

Self locking braces hooks with ergonomically designed release latch

Ladder frame construction combines increased strength and durability


Single Width (0.715m)

  • Suitable for job sites with limited space or narrow access
  • Lightweight

Double Width (1.35m)

  • Able to reach a maximum height of 16m
  • Larger base gives added stability
  • Lightweight

For more details check www.quickaccess.co.in


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